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The Paterna planet is suffering due to global warming, derived from environmental pollution, the whole planet screams for help, and several catastrophic events such as tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, among others, happening progressively. Scientists and activists have warned of these events, but no one cared to act have been warning of these events but to little success.

The program "Liberandum Terrae" begins with Naily at the front, having been chosen by the Council of the Supreme Gods, to rescue the population together with the Universal Galactic Federation, however, not all are saved in time.
The order of the Council of the Supreme Gods must face a difficult decision.


How did the project come about?

Upon being invited to participate in the Avenida Marginal contest (Portugal), Liliana began to write some short stories, this one was one of them. She’s an admirer of Carlos Rafael's funny and peculiar style, so Liliana invited him to participate in this small project. Quickly, both began to have several ideas, and thus was born "The Mystery of Cepheus".

The one-page short story for the Avenida Marginal contest will come out in 2022 in some exhibitions. 

The four-page short story will be released in a future issue of the comics magazine LeiGo. 


Liliana and Carlos want to show more than what they told in these stories, and they are already developing the graphic novel that will come out in the next two years.


Fala connosco!

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