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Main Characters



Naily is a 26-year-old girl from Vileland. Her parents managed to save money and escape to Paterna, where Naily started her life from scratch. She started her studies in high school, then graduated and took a master's degree to be a scientist and astronaut. She is considered a genius and works at the SAI as a scientist.


She is a women's activist and has always fought for gender and racial equality. Given the specific characteristics that one needs to have to be an astronaut, she is still doing an internship.


Ky Sak, 45 years old, was born in Liberty but descended from Eruditos*1. Before becoming King he was a professor of literature and languages at Dover University and at Dover High School in Liberty.

He began to fight for the rights of gender and racial equality and became an activist, giving speeches and appearing on television programs.


In 2015 he ran for election to be King of Liberty and won with an absolute majority.


In 2020, he ran for re-election and won again.

*Scholars: Paterna's country whose natives have a more yellowish skin tone and slightly pointed eyes. They are considered wise for their intellectual wisdom, their use of alternative medicines, and their spiritual connection with the universe. The country is currently divided into four parts: the Republic of Scholars, in the west, the Scholarly Confederation, in the east, the Scholarly Kingdom, in the between, and the Scholarly Empire of the south, in the south. The Scholarly peninsula is the third largest on the continent.

Ky's ancestors fled the 100 Years War (1890-1990).


Nairoby Gauly-San, 37, was born in Liberty but descended from Highland. Her family is one of the richest and most influential in Highland, thus creating the Gauly Foundation and helping the population of Vileland by giving them education and financial support. Scholarships are awarded to students to study abroad and their families are given jobs to accompany them and thus leave the country in search of a better life.

The Gauly Foundation has branches in some countries, one of them is Liberty, where the Gauly-San Foundation exists.

The Gauly Family in Highland and the Gauily-San Family in Liberty are well known for their wealth and influence, they are philanthropic lawyers and Nairoby has always grown up in the political arena. She has always felt compelled to defend those who do not have a voice, therefore she is a highly respected woman for her achievements, philanthropic activities, and warning about gender equality.


At the age of 28, she joined the Dover Council team, in charge of education and culture.


At 33, she is invited to be President of the Council of Elders.


She is currently Vice-Queen of Liberty.


Ashar is a Pleiadian, originally from the Pleiades country. He is the leader of the Supreme Divine Council and the leader of the Galactic Federation of Pleiades, in his country.

His species is the ancestors of humans, as they donated their DNA to birth the human species.

They are loving, peaceful, and cultivate harmony, they are pure and beautiful, they measure 2 meters, their skin is of light tones, their hair is long and blond, their eyes are blue and they are nourished by a vitalizing liquid.

They do not have negative psychological elements that can corrupt the soul, such as greed, envy, fear, trauma, blocks, etc. They are about 15 thousand years ahead of humans in relation to scientific knowledge and their mission is to help other planets and humans because the change must be made from within each individual, only in this way, humans will understand who they really are and thus come to their essence.


Glas is an Arctrurian, originating from the Arcturus country. He is the leader of the Supreme Divine Council and the leader of the Galactic Federation of Arcturus, in his country.

They are very powerful and wise beings of light. Their species helps other planets through spiritual cleansing and through its technological innovations. They have energies that work as emotional, mental, and spiritual therapy. They feed on a vitalizing liquid and live from 350 to 400 years of life, they are small beings of 1.50m.

In their dimension, they transcend time and space and for this reason, they age very slowly. They live in oneness, there are no rivalries or disagreements.


In their world, functions are determined by the vibrational frequency and the emission of your energies.


Strålende is Sirian, originally from the Sirius country.

She is the leader of the Supreme Divine Council and leader of the Sirius Galactic Federation, in her country.

It’s a very developed species, with vast knowledge in several areas, including medicine, astrology, geometry, and mathematics, among others. They are extremely loving beings and like to elevate feelings and eliminate prejudices. They feed on a vitalizing liquid and plants. Her country has more water than land and the water is crystal clear. They are beings that, in addition to living above, on earth, also live under the sea, in the depths of the oceans. They have a strong connection with marine animals, such as dolphins and whales. They are medium-sized beings, 1.60m. For them, every being is their brother, even beings of other ethnicities and civilizations.


They aim to seek and elevate their collective knowledge, for them mutual help and teamwork are important. They do not have a lifespan like humans, they materialize and create what they want, including a new body. They are against wars, as they defend that aggression should not be done and they avoid the death of their opponents.


Älykäs Älykäs is an andromeda, originating from Andromeda.

She is the leader of the Supreme Divine Council and leader of the Galactic Federation of Andromeda, in her country.

Their species is very evolved and wise, they focus exclusively on education, as everything they develop is all for educational purposes and eventually for use in defense, in case there is any attack by any hostile civilization. They are scientists and everything they create technologically is used to advance their civilization. Children are sent to schools where they learn all aspects of arts and sciences, thus becoming masters. After finishing their studies, they can choose the area they want to work on and have the possibility to change at any time.


For them, everything has a purpose and they are always looking to evolve. They are kind, honest beings and their diet is based on plants.


The Andromedas are beings of medium-high structure, measuring between 1.60m and 1.80m.


Giaguaro is a Felines, originated from Felideos.

He is the leader of the Supreme Divine Council and leader of the Galactic Federation of Felideos, in his country.

Their species is a part of the oldest civilization of Kristallint, the Felines are master beings, highly powerful, evolved, and wise. They are compassionate and discerning, they are also very loving, generous, intellectual, and physically extremely strong. As they mature, they become calmer, more introspective, and gentler.


These Felines are not the same ones who colonized Felideos, as these Felines left Kristallint and went to meet other constellations, later remaining in the constellation of Sirius B.


The power they have comes from the light that is within each one and not from technological advances. They take care of essences that have suffered severe emotional damage in their physical deaths, filter the negative energies of whoever is by their side, feed on animal ration, and drink crystal water.

They are very tall beings of 1.80m. They do not take sides in any war, however, they have a warm and warlike temperament.

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