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It is made up of five continents with immense ethnic diversity. There are republican and other monarchic countries. There are countries considered to be in the third world for the extreme poverty they experience, countries with a reasonable economy and rich countries. This planet is experiencing very difficult times due to global warming. For decades, scientists and activists have alarmed those responsible and the respective states, however, nothing has been done, the reduction of carbon dioxide has never been reduced, nor oil use has been reduced, there has always been a lack of interest in the health of the planet, and it has never been believed that an end exists. The problem comes from the education taken in misogynistic and arrogant times, in a society that prided itself on cunning and intelligence, as it was thought that the planet was something that existed and would never die, pollution in the oceans, noise and atmosphere has always been seen as a myth and as something ridiculous, a joke for young people.

It took King Ky to be the leader of the country of Liberty for all these issues to take special attention and a re-education about the environment and everything around us.

It was there that the King united with the three special forces and together they created the “Liberandum Terrae” program, where secret ultra-space missions are carried out. One of these missions is to call those responsible and appeal for awareness of their actions and thus trying to reduce the gases emitted into the atmosphere, however, due to political interests and retrograde thoughts, such warnings were ignored, leading to help to the population and to ask help the Alto countries and the planet Németon to accept the refugees.

Country: Liberty

It is a country on the Paterna planet, the center of all the action in this story. The country suffered over centuries from several coups d'etats. In 1910 it suffered its last one and ever since then the republic has been getting worse, being ruled by politicians whose mentalities are backwards, sexist, racist and homophobic. The country was going backwards at all levels and there was immense control by the administration of the President of the Republic in all areas of all sectors. The whole situation was becoming unbearable, as the population was already tired of living for a long time in a dictatorial period.

In 2015, the country regains hope when Ky Sak runs for president and wins. He managed to rebuild the country and make it a fairer and more modern country. Ky Sak entered the country's history as the first man of another ethnicity to represent the highest status of sovereignty. The country returned to being a monarchy, but this time the heirs to the crown were elected by the people, making them kings or queens sharing leadership and functions with the Viceroy or Vice-Queen.


The planet contains only two huge continents, on one side is the country Vileland and on the other Highland. The Vilelanders population is poor and the entire country lives in extreme poverty. In Highland, its entire population is quite rich.

Vileland is a country full of poverty, derived from uncontrolled corruption. The cities that were once beautiful and full of movement have given way to desert cities, whose apartments are illegally inhabited and have become ghost towns and full of dust. The old neighborhoods inhabited in tall buildings and humble houses, gave way to villages and poor towns, without water, without electricity.

Highland is a slender country, full of nature, the cities are beautiful with skyscrapers and tall buildings, in the middle there are lots of trees and plants, giving a greener visual full of nature. The villages and towns are in more isolated places, equally surrounded by nature in fields, plains and plateaus.

There is a lot of mutual help between the richest and most influential people in Highland towards the population of Vileland, there are foundations that help their people in terms of education and finances. Because of this help, many young people manage to leave the country with their relatives, others gather money and fled at a time when it was easy to do so. Nowadays it is very dangerous because of the state soldiers who patrol the neighborhoods and sometimes prohibit foreign aid by order of the president.


The civilization of Németon is peculiar, they are elves and dwarves, they are friendly and sweet, however with the invasion of humans in the past, there are several human offspring in Paterna and Ziemia.

Cities with human influence are identical to Paterna or Ziemia, however, the typical elven cities have an interesting particularity, as they are within nature, their buildings are very tall, covered in plants, thus giving an incredible picturesque appearance. Cities have huge lakes, rivers, lagoons with steps and waterfalls.


The elven towns and villages are quite simple, always surrounded by nature and located in the countryside, where green is always predominant.

The typical dwarf cities are within nature, through forests, woods and bushes, where next to the trees there are houses of at most two floors, others live inside certain trees or giant mushrooms.

The typical dwarf towns and villages are equally stunning, however, the difference is that they are located on a plateau where the houses are underneath, and the roof can be a ridge.


It is the fourth and last planet, divided into five continents equally. Their civilization has different colors. Each continent represents a country, that is, a civilization that is different even in its physiognomy.


In Kristallint everything lives in harmony, there is cooperation and mutual help. In short, everything works differently, it is the planet that is more advanced in terms of technology, energy frequency and cosmic consciousness. They are the ones who take the initiative in helping and balancing the other three planets, through their missions and also through the awakening of the mind and the awakening of the consciousness of every being on every other planet.


They help humans in scientific discoveries and interplanetary missions. These missions are intended to raise awareness and the good that exists in each one, as well as in particular to raise awareness of global warming, alerting world leaders to a possible annihilation of Paterna’s planet, as the planet has been screaming for a long time and the signs of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, so show.

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