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The story takes place in the constellation Cepheus. According to its mythology, its name comes in honor and memory of King Cepheus. Cepheus is the name of two mythological kings. One was the son of Aleus of Arcadia, who would become the king of Tegea, have more than 20 children, and depart with Jason as an Argonaut. The other, Cepheus, was the son of Belus, king of Egypt (who was the son of Poseidon) and the nymph Io, one of Zeus' lovers. Cepheus grew up to become the king of Ethiopia (or Joppa). It's not the Ethiopia we know today. At the time, Joppa stretched from the south-east coast of the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, an area that contains parts of Israel, Jordan and Egypt.


As we navigate the Cepheus constellation, we find a solar system completely different from ours, as it has four huge planets, a giant sun and four moons. The planets are all different colors and they are all inhabited by different civilizations. The technology is advanced and space travel exists, it is common to travel to other planets like a plane trip to another country. The planet Ziemia is magenta and with the yellow ring, it has only two continents, one is the country Vileland and the other Highland, with Vileland being a poor country where poverty reigns, whereas in Highland it is the opposite, wealth reigns.


Planet Németon is reddish and Planet Paterna is blue, both have five continents, however the population is different. In Németon there are elves of various ethnicities and sizes, there are kingdoms and republics, some internal political disagreements between the crowns, however, all are governed by the common good of the environment and there is a concern to preserve gender and financial equality. Németon is not a utopia, but their ambition is to get there.


On the other hand, Paterna lives with many conflicts, not only political, but also environmental, resulting from excessive pollution. The planet itself is about to collapse due to rising high temperatures, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, among other catastrophic events. It is on this planet that all the action of the story is centered. And finally, we have Kristallint, it's the green planet, the most advanced in terms of technology, energy frequency and cosmic consciousness. They are the ones who take the initiative in helping and balancing the other three planets, through their missions and also through the awakening of the mind and the awakening of the consciousness of every being on every other planet. They are the ones who help the Space and Aeronautics Institute (SAI) and the Galactic Special Forces (GSF) of the other three planets, not only in scientific discoveries, but also in interplanetary missions, as together they fight global warming, alerting world leaders to the catastrophe , among other equally important missions.


The three scientific police entities: Space Agency (SA), Space and Aeronautics Institute (SAI) and Galactic Special Forces (GSF) have united and created the “Liberandum Terrae” program, where secret ultra-space missions are carried out in order to save the planet Paterna. These missions put them in collaboration with other civilizations from other planets. This interplanetary mission aimed to rescue the population of several countries and take refuge in Németon and Ziemia, as Paterna is showing signs of clear apocalyptic evidence.

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